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Osteopathy, my solution to get pregnant.

Osteopathy can help treat functional infertility problems, talk to your Osteopath!

Time passes and is long, and yet no doctor can explain this expectation. There is no medical reason. How about discussing it with your osteopath?

The Osteopath will always consider the patient as a whole in order to provide him with the most appropriate care.

Osteopathy and functional infertility:

A history of miscarriages, irregular cycles, a history of shock in the pelvis or head, and sequelae of abdominal surgeries (cesarean section, etc.) may present possible mechanical blockages and/or lack of mobility.

Un blocage dans une ou plusieurs zones du corps peut avoir des répercussions sur la fertilité en perturbant différents paramètres ou étapes de la reproduction.

The goal of the Osteopath is to restore this mobility, through gentle manipulations by working more specifically on four affected areas:

  1. The pelvis, (at the level of your hips) whose mobility is essential for the functioning of the uterus, to allow the passage of the oocyte then the fertilized egg;

  2. The gynecological sphere;

  3. The lumbar area (in the lower back) because a blockage can hinder the nerve flow connected to the uterus and the ovaries;

  4. The cranial and cervical spheres, for the proper functioning of the pituitary, a true orchestra conductor of reproductive hormones.

The emotional influence is nonetheless an important and necessary data to achieve the most suitable treatment.

How does this work?

Thanks to osteopathic tests I correct the primary disturbance, the origin of his pain, which may be diametrically opposed to the place of his reason for consultation (his symptom).

Thus, I cure the pain and correct other disturbances in his body spontaneously.

Indeed each bone, each organ, and constituent of your body must be in constant movement according to 3 axes and 3 planes of their own. When this rule is not followed, a "blockage" (restriction of mobility) is created, and then the pain is felt in the same place or further in the body.

For example :

A patient comes to see me for shoulder pain. The patient is indeed tense and cannot move her head.

Following my osteopathic tests, I have to work on her uterus, which is not surprising to me since the origin of the blockage and the pain can be found in two opposite places as we have just explained.

Indeed, my patient explains to me that she has not been able to get pregnant for several years.

What happened?

Her two-year-old primary disruption was actually her uterus, which disrupted her entire pelvis. This being connected to the skull thanks to its Crânio - Sacred axis had an impact on the whole of the shoulder girdle to manage to "block" his shoulders.

A month and a half later and after only two sessions my patient not only no longer had pain in her shoulders, but also carried life within her: bh, she was pregnant .

Rafaele Hana FEDIDA

Osteopath D.O


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