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Understand your ailments to treat them: osteopathy and pregnancy monitoring

Perinatal osteopathy relieves pain by releasing tension and allows better mobility of the body.

The monitoring of your pregnancy by your osteopath will allow your body to adapt naturally to physiological changes, from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy, and even after your childbirth.

Indeed, each of the stages of pregnancy brings its share of modifications which inevitably affect the gait, the maintenance, and the flexibility of the movements, but also digestive disorders and migraines, and other ailments related to the arch of your spine and others. physical changes in pregnancy.

The number of sessions with an osteopath varies from one woman to another, but there are a few key moments during pregnancy where it is recommended to consult: one session from the 5th month of pregnancy and one session around the middle of the 9th. months are strongly recommended.

Pregnant patients do not spontaneously think of consulting your osteopath at the start of pregnancy. The consultation between the 5th and 9th month is most of the time motivated by the occurrence of clinical symptoms that bother them:

First trimester (0 to 12 weeks):

  • nausea and vomiting

  • headache, migraine, headache

  • dizziness

Second trimester (13 to 28 weeks):

  • muscle pain in the lower back (low back pain)

  • pain in the buttock and leg (sciatica)

  • tension, pain, numbness in the arms and hands (carpal tunnel)

  • shortness of breath, chest pain

  • the feeling of heaviness and leg cramps

Most patients come to consult during the 2nd part of their pregnancy because they have more symptoms that bother them:

Third trimester (28 to 40 weeks):

  • discomfort and trouble sleeping

  • reflux and heartburn

  • the appearance of varicose veins

  • constipation

  • increased frequency of urination

  • heavy legs

  • pelvic pain (symphysis, sciatica, low back pain)

During the 9th month, the osteopathic consultation will aim to prepare your body for childbirth, because the mechanics of this one are put to the test.

Osteopathic treatment will alleviate its inconvenience, and optimize the mobility of the pelvis before childbirth.

Testimony of a mother:

My first childbirth was particularly difficult, so I decided to go see Rafaele for the second.

The session was not only smooth and relaxing, but Rafaele also gave me back my confidence.

The miracle took place two weeks later.

I had a dream birth, my body was ready to give birth thanks to your fairy hands.

Your donation allows you to work miracles, and we feel that it's not just a job: it's a passion.

I thank G.od for having known you, and I will never forget my wonderful childbirth because of you.

Emouna A.

Rafaele Hana Fedida

Osteopath D.O


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