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Osteopathy and migraines: understanding, preventing and treating seizures

Stress, fatigue, hormone : you never know what will trigger it, but once it's there, a migraine is persistent.

Rafaele Hana FEDIDA, Osteopath D.O in Jerusalem tells you all about these migraines that take our head.

What are migraines ?

Above all, you have to know the difference between a headache and a migraine. Migraine is a type of headache. It concerns pain affecting “half of the skull”. It is hereditary in many cases, but is also subject to many factors that intervene in the onset of seizures :

  • Menstrual cycle : low estrogen levels before the onset of menstruation can induce a migraine attack ;

  • Psychological factors : anxiety, annoyances, fatigue ;

  • Physical factors : physical or intellectual efforts, leading to fatigue, poor posture ;

  • Circadian rhythm disturbances : excess or lack of sleep, shifted hours…;

  • Surrounding factors : Sudden change in temperature, light, strong odors ;

  • Dietary factors : food allergies, overly rich meals, mixtures of alcoholic beverages, long-term fasting ;

  • Ophthalmic factors : migraines et défauts visuels.

A migraine headache is caused by sudden changes in the blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain. Dysfunctional signals force these vessels to contract and then dilate much more than usual, forcing blood to enter the head faster than it can flow, resulting in increased pressure in the head and severe pain.

The osteopath will seek to identify the primary cause of your headaches.

The goal of the Osteopath is to research the mobility restrictions found in the patient's body and correct the primary disturbance.

Indeed, when a patient complains of pain (stiff neck, lumbago, sciatica, back pain, etc.) or a disorder (constipation, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, etc.) it means that there is a restriction of mobility (something that does not move as it should).

This restriction which can be of bone origin (all the bones of the body and the vertebrae of the spine) membranous, liquid (the blood and other fluids of the body) visceral (all your organs: colon, uterus etc.) or emotional.

The disturbance can therefore occur in a specific location, or spread to other areas of your body.

The primary disturbance is the one at the origin of all disturbances old and new. It can be of physical origin (articular, muscular, ligamentous, membranous, liquid, visceral), psychic and / or emotional. This correction will cause the spontaneous equilibration of other disturbances.

For example : A patient comes to see me for migraines. Following my osteopathic tests, I began to work on his pelvis which is restricted in mobility (he does not move as he should): he is the primary disturbance.

Quick work using my tests will help me identify if the imbalance comes from a restriction of osteo-articular, muscular, visceral, emotional mobility, etc.

After correcting my primary dysfunction, I immediately realize that her skull is already freer, and quick work on the base of my patient's skull and lower cervicals will be sufficient. After two consultations, my patient was finally relieved of her migraines.

Rafaele Hana FEDIDA

Osteopath D.O


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